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My name is Hannah Rex.

Yes, like the dinosaur.

When I was younger, I hated being associated with a giant, short armed, extinct reptile. As I got older, I figured it was a pretty great way for people to remember my name.


  • I'm a skilled SEO writer and editor with Page 1 rankings as proof.

    • Just Google "how many steps in a mile" (110,000 monthly searches) or "workout quotes" ​(22,200 monthly searches)

  • I'm socially-minded​.

    • I increased Beachbody's Pinterest traffic by 610%​

    • I successfully launched Openfit's social channels​.

    • I regularly collaborate with Openfit's social team for article ideation and promotion.

  • I'm an organized strategist.

    • I moonlight as Openfit's managing editor, tracking publishing schedules, mediating roadblocks, and creating stunning Google Sheets.

I do a few other things, too. Check 'em out.

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